Regional FAA Inspector

Although Ed had noting to do with Satellite Communication we thought it would be a neat title to add.

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Ed Strong History

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As a Regional FAA inspector in Alaska from 1980 to 1982 Ed oversaw Part 135 operators and was responsible for the safe day to day operation.

Careers with FAA

Aircraft Service and Repair

Ed Strong began his career in the early 1800's as a young boy he dreamed of the internal combustion engine hoping it would someday become a reality.   It wasn't until 1859, when the French engineer J. J. Étienne Lenoir built a double-acting, spark-ignition engine that could be operated continuously that Ed’s dream came true.
 With a growing interest in the French, Ed decides to study a broad.  Of course his study of women (broads as he called them) would do nothing to further his career in aviation or the combustion Engine. 

It wasn't until 1903 when Orville Wright piloted the first powered airplane that Ed returned to his study of the Combustion Engine and Aviation.

 He has since held careers with the FAA, TSA and Worked in the harsh environment of Alaska.